Surah Rahman in Hindi | सुरह रहमान हिंदी में सीखे

Surah Rahman in Hindi

अस्सलामु अलैकुम दोस्तों, आज की पोस्ट मेरे लिए बहुत खास है क्युकी मेरा मनपसंद सुरह बताने जा रहा हूँ जो की Surah Rahman in Hindi है। और आपसे में बहुत सारे लोगो को भी यह सुरह बहुत खास होगा। सूरह

Best Ijazah Course Online In 2023

Best Ijazah Course Online

Ijazah in the Quran is a license that authorizes its owner to transmit the Quran, granted by a person who already has authority. In other words, Ijazah is a certificate that shows that a person is authorized to teach the

Surah Muzammil In Hindi | सूरह मुज़म्मिल हिंदी में तर्जुमा के साथ

Surah Muzammil In Hindi

अस्सलामु अलैकुम दोस्तों आज की पोस्ट में आप सभी के लिए एक बहुत खुबसूरत कुरान की 73वी सुरह यानि Surah Muzammil लेकर आया हूँ। जो कुरान शरीफ की 29 पारा में है जिसमे 20 आयत, 200 शब्द और 854 हर्फ़

8 Mental Health Tips From The Quran

Mental Health Tips from Quran

Mental health has come under much focus in the past few years. As science has progressed and medical advances have made many diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis, and malaria outdated, the focus has shifted to psychological disorders. Research indicates that in

Read Surah Lahab in English, Arabic, Translation

Surah Lahab this is the beginning of the 111th surah of the Quran. Also commonly referred to as Surah Masad. The Surah is quite short as it consists of only 5 ayat. Surah Lahab in Arabic Text بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ1. تَبَّتْ

Surah Ikhlas in English, Arabic, Translation

Surah Ikhlas (Arabic: سورة الاخلاص ) also known as The Sincerity, The Purity, and Surah Tawheed (Arabic:التوحيد ), is one of the most significant chapters in the Quran. The 112th chapter of the Quran, known as Surah Ikhlas Ayat. الْإِخْلَاص‎

Surah Falaq in English, Arabic with Translation,Tafseer

Surah Falaq (Arabic text: الفلق) is the 113th Surah of the Qur’an. It is titled in English “dawn” or “day-break” and composed of 5 verses. Surah Al-Falaq“The Daybreak” Revelation: Meccan No. of Ayat: 5 verses Chapter of Qur’an: #113 Position:

Surah Naas in English & Arabic with Translation & Tafseer

Surah Naas (Arabic text: ٱلنَّاس) is the 114th Surah of the Qur’an. It is titled in English “Mankind” and composed of 6 verses. ٱلنَّاسSurah An-Nas“Mankind” Revelation: Meccan No. of Ayat: 6 verses Chapter of Qur’an: #114 Position: Juz 30 Inspirational